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Private Office Rental Our private office is ideal for your meetings, interview sessions, or as a space to prepare or review paperwork. Rent today for as little as $850 per hour, or $5,950 per day (9:00am to 6:00pm). Weekly and monthly rental rates are also available.

Private Office Rental

Private Studio Rental

Our private mini studio space is available to all creatives for the preparation of work, the mounting of small displays, and the hosting of workshops with up to five people. The space allows the occupant to work without being disturbed by other onsite activities. Charge is based on a daily rate of $5,950. The space is normally accessible between 10 am to 6 pm, though alternate time periods will be considered.

Our 800 sq. ft., display studio is ideal for hosting demonstrations, expos, product launches as well as classes with 15-25 participants. This space is available to visual creatives, educators, and special interest groups working in all areas of visual art and craft. The rate for booking is $3,500 per hour. Daily and weekly rates that result in savings to the renter are also available.

Display Studio Rental

Art Exhibitions Hosting

Our space is available to artists working in any medium and at any stage of their careers on a daily rental basis of $6,500 per day. Artists can display their work for as long as they desire, once there is no conflict with a previous booking.

We offer workshops for interested individuals who want to learn something new in a range of creative areas, including ceramics, painting, drawing, paper crafts, printmaking, fiber arts, textiles, and more. All required tools are provided in the price, which is $3,950 per person per session.


Participants may join a pre-arranged session that takes place on a Saturday or make a booking for a group of friends, family members, or coworkers for a day or time that may be more convenient to the group.

Art and Craft Workshops